That’s Where I Come In

Everyone dreams of the day that they can

buy that dream piece of property for their

family homestead. The process may seem

daunting to say the least.

But you can learn how to do it.

It’s time to take a leap and start your Journey!

With hundreds of closings under my belt and also purchasing my own piece of land, I have learned a few things when it comes to getting important information.

It all comes down to asking the right questions and setting clear expectations right from the start with your Realtor. Riding the property of your dreams takes time and careful consideration. The details matter!

Stop dreaming and start shopping!

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The art of self-reliance and sustainability through rural living, farming and resourcefulness.

My passion lies in teaching people how to find, build and maintain their family homestead through easy tutorials and simple habit forming techniques. 

Nothing is cooler than seeing your family homestead dreams come to life!

I mean who doesn’t want to have the step-by-step guide to buying land without worrying you missed something!

Not only do you have to figure out how to buy the land but then you have to figure out what to build on it and how to maintain and the list goes on and on!

That is where I come in to organize your thoughts and take each step one at a time and make the dream goal of owing your own homestead achievable!

These courses are designed for the family wanting unlimited options on how, when and if to build that homestead. Oh, and did I mention the awesome part?!

Not only am I equipping you with all the information you need but I can also connect you with the right Realtor in your area to be an extension of my arm and literally walk the steps with you.

The Problem is:

Most folks buy the 10+ acres and decide

they will figure it out as they go with no real plan in mind.

THE OUTCOME — Regrets galore, wasting heaps of time and money to wish you had a mentor to help you in the first place.


potential to do this

You have all the potential in the world to do this right the first time!

^^  so…how are you going to accomplish this you might ask?

This is no walk in the park. It can feel like a walk in Jurassic Park if you are not careful! You’ve got to roll your sleeves up and decide that you will put the effort and time in to educating yourself before this whole process educates you on its own.

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Buying Land doesn’t have to be scary though!

You will become an expert at transitioning from

Househunters to


From total city slicker


(yep, that’s you!)

Inside the House Hunters to Homesteaders Course you will learn how to map out your ideal piece of property, calculate your land budget, find the perfect property and make a well-educated offer.

In less than a week you can be boots on the ground walking all different types of properties with a pre-approval letter in your and a clear vision in mind!


I get it

When I started looking for property the process felt a bit overwhelming.

I had little experience in buying more than 10 acres of land and had no clue how the financing arm worked to get you to the finish line.

But I did it…and took all the notes along the way!

10+ years later in Real Estate and I’ve looked back on all of the experiences and developed an actionable plan for you!

From House Hunters to

Homesteaders Course

What’s in the course?

Module 1
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1st Module

Mapping out your Homestead: From Vision to Reality

Starting by envisioning your perfect short-term rental oasis with a touch of interior design finesse. We’ll embark on a journey to define your unique design style, curate elements that resonate with you, and ensure your hosting personality radiates from the moment guests step into your space.

By the end of this module, you will …

      • Define your Homestead Vision: Dive into the design realm of creating the perfect Homestead Look for your Family and be able to articulate to others exactly how you envision the outcome.
      • Create Non-negotiables: Uncover exactly what you Must Have, would like to have, and the ultimate deal breakers for buying a piece of property.
      • Find the Perfect Realtor Partner: Weed through all of the noise and pinpoint the right Realtor to hire! The Realtor that understands your end goal and is knowledgeable in all things land and ranch. Sign me Up I’m Ready!

2nd Module

From Dollars to Dirt: Calculating Your Homestead Land Budget

Let’s crack the Homestead Financing Code shall we! No need to guess on what types of programs are available out there for aspiring homesteaders! I’ll guide you through the options and get you fully prepared to call your local lender!

By the end of this module, you will …

      • Budget with Precision: Break down your land budget with expert precision, understanding where you will get every single dollar to buy that stunning piece of property.
      • Pre-approval Essentials: You will be able to complete the entire checklist of items needed to get the bank’s approval to purchase land!
      • Understand the Options: Gain insights into what is available out there for your family. Understand that buying land is completely attainable in the right program.
      • Confidently Complete a Land Application: We will walk through a sample application breaking down what they actually want to know from you. No surprises!
      • Design Your Homestead Farm Plan: You will be able to adequately articulate your exact plan for the acreage and family farm business in order to obtain financing from the bank.
2 Module
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3rd Module

Land Quest: Finding the Perfect Property

We will take a journey and find out how to find and understand what a property has to offer.

By the end of this module, you will …

      • Learn how to harness websites and the best realtors to maximize the exposure for your property search.
      • Understand the difference between buying pasture land and undeveloped land.
      • Decipher through zoning codes to determine the right fit for your purchase.
      • Create an action-plan for on-site exploration of each property.
      • Make smart decisions based off of the property list of questions you must ask before making an offer.

4th Module

Homestead Property Purchase

We will work through a step-by-step guide for success on closing on your dream land. 

By the end of this module, you will …

      • Craft a Strong Offer even for the most hot of markets.
      • Find the perfect land inspector(s) to uncover every possible deficiency on the property.
      • Understand how to read a Survey on a piece of property.
      • Prepare for closing…the day you have dreamed about for years! I’m ready for the class!
Homestead Purchase

Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the process of purchasing land and say hello to a confident new you who’s ready to take the plunge and get to actively looking and purchasing your family homestead.


“BUT WILL IT WORK FOR ME?” I’ve got your back now let’s throw on those boots and get to hiking

My Promise to You

The best part about the House Hunters to Homesteaders Course? No matter when you decide to start….even if you are not ready to necessarily buy right now, you will have access to the education and knowledge presented in the course for when you are ready to pull the trigger. You’ve got a full 7 days to dive in.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations, no worries. Just let me know whithin the week by sending me a quick email to: and I will cancel your course, refund your entire payment. Your satisfaction is my priority. 

DSC00532 5 1 scaled
DSC00532 5 1 scaled


By creating a platform designed to share purchasing secrets no matter where you buy!

We’ve all been there —the excitement of dreaming of the off-grid, self-sustaining life and the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start.

But what if you had a guide, a friend in the homesteading world to walk you through each step, from purchasing your property, running and maintaining your family homestead. THAT’S WHAT I’M BRINGING TO LIFE FOR YOU!

The House Hunters to Homesteaders course is here of you, not only to help you discover what you actually want but how to purchase it and be the happiest homesteader in the county!

I would love for you to take part in this COMMUNITY, learn as much as you can, gain confidence and PURCHASE the PROPERTY without having buyer’s remorse.


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Blue Check

It’s so much better than second guessing yourself and questioning if you are making the right decision for your family.

Blue Check

It’s so much cheaper than buying a piece of land that costs you thousands to fix or maintain when you weren’t planning on so many additional costs.

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It’s so much easier by having a plan in hand that you can follow so that you can stay on course and on topic.

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It’s much quicker going through the course in a done with you fashion. Especially when you have done for you checklists and templates to work from!


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What's the cost?


I’m here to give you the education you need no matter where you are at in the process! The cost is $197.

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Do I get lifetime access?


Absolutely! Take the course as slow as you like or as fast as you like! You can always refer back to the material even years down the road!

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Do I need money in the bank for purchasing land before taking the course?


Not necessarily, you can use this course as a blueprint to get ready to purchase even if you are not ready to purchase tomorrow.

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Are the templates online and are there printable versions?


Yep! One size does not fit all! We’re all different and we learn in different ways. Fill them out online or print them and work on them on your front porch!

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Do I get access to the entire course at once?


No, you must complete each module before moving on to the next. Purchasing is a process and you can’t skip any steps! 

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Can I cancel?


As much as I would hate it for you to leave, I understand that this may not be for everyone. With a simple written request, I will gladly refund your money. But I am pretty sure you will see the value in what I have to offer!


I’m ready to buy my dream piece of property THIS YEAR! I want to avoid buying property that will cost my entire life’s savings and put my family into a financial crisis down the road. I want to learn the process of how to confidently identify the right piece of property and confidently offer the right offer for it! Save my seat!

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