Choosing the Right Coop for your Home in Suburbia

Feb 14 • 2024

If you have wandered aimlessly on the internet trying to figure out what you should and should not have in your backyard chicken coop, then you have come to the right place!


Picking the right chicken coop can sound daunting and stressful. I know you want something cute, and I want that for you too! So, before you order something cute off the internet here are a few things to consider:

How Sturdy is it?

Make sure it is STURDY and treated for the weather in your area! I am from Florida so I might need it made a little bit differently than a homesteader in Michigan.

How Secure is it?

It should be pretty secure so predators cannot get in very easily. If your 3-year-old can figure it out without any direction so will a raccoon.

Is There Ventilation?

The chickens will need good ventilation to create a cross breeze to keep the dust and ammonia down. Stinky coops are no fun!

Is There a Place to Roost?

They LOVE this. Giving your chickens enough space to roost will help relax them. You want them stress free to lay as many eggs as possible!

Is the Floor Solid?

You may or may not have seen coops with wire flooring but a solid wood floor for walking is necessary for the stability of the chickens.

Is There a Door for Chickens?

Chickens need their own door to access their chicken run. Only people who are building their own coop need to worry about not forgetting this key component.

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Is There an Exterior Door on the Nesting Boxes?

It is so nice to have nesting boxes with an exterior door to get the eggs. You will thank me later! You want these nesting boxes to stay clean and dry with soft bedding.

Is There a Human Door?

A human door would be fantastic for you to be able to walk in and clean but is not necessarily required. It is one of those really nice perks.

Is the Roof Slanted?

A slanted roof keeps the leaks at bay! Plus, they are prettier anyway. Most pre-fab coops built have a slanted roof already.

How Easy is it to Clean?

Easy clean-ability will help you actually keep the coop clean! You don’t want to dread this job even though it is not top on our list of things to do.

A 4’x 8’ chicken coop will hold 4 chickens with a chicken run they get to walk in all day. If you let your chickens free range in your backyard all day and return them to the coop at night, this size will hold 6-8 chickens. Here are a few coops that we would recommend:

Zylina Chicken Coop

Zylina Chicken Coop

Producers Pride

Producers Pride

OverEZ Chicken Coop

OverEZ Chicken Coop

Lancaster Barns Chicken Coop

Lancaster Barns Chicken Coop


OverEZ coops have excellent reviews! We recommend the Large 4’x8′ coop to give your laying hens plenty of room to roost and comfortably nest.


I love that you can customize the color and trim packages of their chicken coops to fit the look for your home. These coops are nicer than nice!


A great, budget friendly coop that has pretty consistent reviews. Plenty of space for your chickens and not too large for your yard.


This coop is very similar to our first one. It was simple and did the job until we were able to upgrade to a better coop. It fit our budget perfectly.

P.S. If you loved this information, then check out my Backyard Chicken Guide! It has all the things you will need to start your backyard flock today!